Progressive Learning For Children
189 Tollgate Road, Warwick, RI 02886

  • Full-day Kindergarten with before/after care options
  • Our program is a small classroom setting allowing for dedicated, individualized attention from our state certified teacher who has been with us 22 years.
  • Play-based learning to complement our structured academic activities.
  • Full day Kindergarten with before/after care options (PLC accepts children who do not meet the September 1st public school age requirement.)
  • Contact us to schedule a tour of our current program.


Our son loves going to school at the Progressive Learning Center. He has grown more than in a few months than I knew was possible. Academically, socially, and emotionally his class continues to have palpable positive effects. He still gets to be himself, but he's also learning how to be around others. The knowledge he brings home is stunning. There's no question where our younger child will be going!

Stu (Henry's Dad)

There is no better child care center than Progressive Learning for Children. My two girls have been a part of the Progressive Learning family since they were babies in the Infant room, and now one of my daughters is in the Pre-Kindergarten room, and my other daughter is in the Toddler room. The Director, Ann Marie, and all of the teachers at PLC are caring and creative and have done the most incredible job providing my children with a strong academic foundation, a true love for learning, and the knowledge and understanding of how to be a good friend. My girls love going to PLC every day and are always excited to be with their teachers and friends and work on their projects. Sending my girls to Progressive Learning for Children has been the best decision, and our experience here has been nothing but positive.

Ashley & Sergio Lourenco

Deciding to enroll our children at Progressive Learning was one of the best decisions our family has made. All three of our children began at Progressive Learning at 6 months of age, in the infant program, with our two oldest sons continuing through pre-school. Our youngest is currently in the Toddler program. Our children have all thrived in the various programs and we could not be happier with all aspects of Progressive Learning. The staff has been outstanding, always caring for our children, and allowing them to grow and learn in a safe and loving environment. Our children were given the opportunity to learn and explore through play incorporating the arts throughout activities and themed units.  The highly qualified staff has a great deal of experience and many of them have taught all three of our children over the last nine years. All of the Progressive Learning teachers have been knowledgeable, respectful, and caring to our children over the years.  When leaving pre-school, our boys were ready for Kindergarten and beyond. They had a strong educational foundation, the ability to problem solve, and the social skills needed to be successful learners. One teacher told us that she could tell that the boys had attended a strong pre-school program and that they were absolutely ready for their elementary school years to begin.  We are extremely grateful for the wonderful experience and education that our children have received at Progressive Learning.

Kristin Costello-Farrell & Timothy Farrell

My wife and I toured several preschools before deciding on Progressive Center for Learning. We could not be happier with our choice! The staff has been amazing with our son and we have noticed a huge improvement in his academics. He loves going to school and learning about the different themes of the week. Progressive has definitely set our son up for success when he begins Kindergarten in the fall. If you are looking for a preschool, look no further.

Nick & Lauren E.

Our son has been at Progressive Learning for Children for 4 years. We couldn't be happier with the care and education he is receiving in Miss Diana's pre-kindergarten classroom. He is being challenged by his teachers in his learning every day. We are confident that he is cared for, and about, while receiving a proper education that is preparing him for kindergarten. Progressive has become a family to us over the years and we are truly thankful that our child feels happy and safe in their environment.

Laura, Cheri & Rowan Almeida

My family has had such a wonderful experience at Progressive Learning. The girls love their teachers and friends as well as the great educational activities they do on a daily basis. I feel confident that my children are in a safe, fun, educational and nurturing environment.

Melynda Barrette

Progressive Learning is by far one of the best daycare/preschool centers in operation. The staff is mature and consistent. The building is clean and has a security system. My children loved going to this center every day. I am going to miss Ann Marie and her staff. Ann Marie is a hands-on owner who thinks of kids first. Her equipment is state of the art; her materials are age appropriate at all levels. I would highly recommend this center to anyone who is looking for daycare or preschool for any child from infant to Kindergarten. You won't find a better place and your child will be SAFE and HAPPY!!!!!

M. Leone

My son has been going to Progressive Learning for two years and loves it. He was ten weeks when he started. I don't think that there has been one day that he cried when I left him. All of the teachers are so nurturing. They love these kids like they were their own. I have many friends bringing their children to Progressive Learning and love them. Thank you Ann Marie for having such a wonderful place to bring our children.

Sheri Petrarca

I have been very pleased with the TLC and education Amanda has received at Progressive (from the infant room through preschool). Amanda has always been eager to go to her classroom each day and often asks for a little extra time to play when I pick her up in the afternoon. Your staff has helped shape Amanda's confidence and social skills and each day Amanda dazzles me with a new skill or bit of information. Your teachers are dedicated, caring and creative. I highly recommend Progressive Learning for Children as a safe, smart choice.

Jennifer Wallace

When Educator, Care Taker, and Owner, Ann Marie chose to open Progressive Learning as a "Day Care Center," she committed to being more than just a "day care" for a mother or a father's child; Ann Marie chose to create an environment where each child and each family feels at home. The word progressive is defined as "improving learning" and Ann Marie and her staff strive to help each child achieve his or her best. As two school teachers, my husband and I cannot boast enough about the loving care and superb education both our girls (ages four and two) have received by the wonderful staff at Progressive Learning. Our children attended another local day care and the best thing my husband and I could have done for our girls was to join the "Progressive Learning" family during the 2010-2011 school year. My husband and I whole-heartedly recommend Progressive Learning for the BEST support and education a child can receive in place of his or her parent.

Melissa Haywood Johnson
Toll Gate High School, Warwick, RI
Mike Johnson
E-Cubed Academy, Providence, RI

We have taken our two-year old son to Progressive Learning since he was around 3 months old. Progressive Learning is a well-run daycare with high standards and the staff are dedicated and caring. Our son is clearly enjoying the learning environment and socializing with his classmates. He is developing well and I believe this is due to the enriching environment.

A big "thank you" to all of the Progressive Learning" staff for all of your hard work. You are making a huge investment in each child, every day and this has a positive impact on society.


My daughter started at Progressive Learning when she was only 2 months old. I was very impressed with the care givers in the infant program. The classroom is well organized and my child was treated as an individual; not just a ratio. The teachers worked with any requests or concerns my husband and I had, and always communicated about our daughter's day. The staff at Progressive Learning demonstrated professionalism and knowledge in the early childhood field. The consistency of the Progressive Learning staff, learning, cleanliness, and safety has exceeded my expectations as a parent.

When the day came to leave my five month old at Progressive I was scared. I had done my homework. I knew that research has proven quality daycare to be beneficial for children. I took the tour and saw the clean and organized classrooms. I envisioned my child constructing with the cool building toys, imagining in the play centers, and creating art projects that would hang on my fridge. I talked to the parents, and I listened to their confident stories of their children and their happy days. But to leave my baby with strangers...? By the end of the first week I knew that we had made the right decision. From the start, the teachers at Progressive have made us feel as though we are part of a community. When it came time to enter the infant room with my second son, it was much easier. I love that each adult in the building knows my sons by name and sometimes by their quirks. They listen when I have concerns about my children. They help me figure out teething issues. When we entered the preschool years, I wanted to support understanding of print and language, so we had a talk about how I could distinguish between upper and lower case letters. I appreciate that the director's door is always open and my input is valuable. My 'baby' is now entering Kindergarten, and as he has grown I have watched his intellectually curiosity develop. Even more impressive is his understanding of how good friends support each other in a learning community. When I say goodbye each morning, I know they are cared for and when I arrive each afternoon, I love to watch their confidence as they interact with friends. Each ride home is steeped in happy stories about "school friends" and their adventures together. Leaving my children is still difficult because I miss them, but it is easy because I know they are safe and their days are full of joy.

My son started at Progressive Learning when he was just about 3 months old. He's just turned 6 years old and is about to enter first grade at the end of the summer. In the six years he's been with Progressive, I can honestly say I have not worried one day while he was with these wonderful ladies from infants through Kindergarten! Ann Marie runs an awesome business with competent and caring staff. I feel like they're my friends too and we'll miss all of them more than they can imagine when we have to go off to public school at the end of August. We feel blessed to have had all of them in our life!!!!!

Sue Morgan

Progressive Learning Day Care and their staff have been a blessing in our family's life. Both of my children have been attending for more than three years. My children have been in only one day care previous to Progressive. This other center was a nightmare for my children. I was hesitant and scared to enroll the children in another day care setting. Ms. Ann Marie listened to my concerns and reassured me that her center was different. That is an understatement! The center has provided my children with a safe and nurturing place and with dedicated staff. The staff have been there for many years and those familiar faces have assisted my children with transitioning to their next classroom.

Both my children have enjoyed going to this school because of "having fun" with their friends. The staff creates a place where friendships are grown strong. Teachers model for the children respect and caring for each other. The environment is also focused on creativity, learning, and exploring. There are specific themes for each lessons, but each child's individual interests and talents are valued. The academic foundation that my children have learned is solid, and their perception of "school" is a positive one for their future learning.

I also want to mention that my son has a mild medical condition with his eye, which needs daily attention and care. The staff have all been wonderful about learning about his condition and understanding his needs. The staff communicate well with each other and my husband and I, if there were concerns. The staff have also been wonderful with acknowledging my son's differences with his peers, but in a positive, nurturing way, so he has never been embarrassed or excluded. This has been a huge source of comfort for us. We have recommended this program to many of our friends. We are so happy that our children had these wonderful years at this school.

Cindy and Greg W.

Have you ever considered what it must feel like to leave your bundle of joy in someone else's care for the first time? It is a feeling only a parent can experience and comprehend. Our children are the most precious gifts from God and, as parents, we want to ensure that they are always safe and secure.

Our son David first entered Progressive Learning at the age of 4 1/2 months under the care of Director, Ann Marie Parrillo and her Infant Room staff. Obviously leaving one's child in a daycare for the first time can be both a monumental decision and an uncomfortable event; but from the first day we left our son at Progressive Learning, we can wholeheartedly say we felt confident that David was safe and being well cared for. He was fed as instructed, changed regularly, and always well rested when we picked him up. Every staff member is friendly, polite and trustworthy (a clear reflection on the Director); and it is quite comforting to know that the building is equipped with a security system (each family is provided with a number code to enter the establishment) and that our son is being loved in our absence. When David developed a severe respiratory condition at six months of age, our faith in the Progressive Learning's staff increased tremendously as each teacher demonstrated care, concern, and responsibility; and they always devoted their time in becoming involved and offering support.

As our child has grown and moved on from the infant program, our experience as parents has continued to be positive. The staff at Progressive Learning has not only served as day-care providers while we are at work, but also as educators. While enrolled as a pupil in both the Infant and One Year programs, our son has participated in a number of educational activities that have enabled him to develop social, fine motor, and sensory skills. David's involvement in such activities is obvious in his eagerness to show us his work and display his crafts at home. He has completed numerous projects that are approached with a variety of pedagogical methods and are part of a well-structured curriculum. As our son is about to enter the Two Year Old program, we again feel confident that his new classroom will be a clean, secure, and nurturing environment where he will continue to be offered ample educational opportunities. Progressive Learning's philosophy on potty training, in which every child should be trained by the age of three, is an example of the institution's pro-active development program and curriculum.

If you are in need of child care and are searching for an environment that will also serve as a pedagogical setting, we recommend Progressive Learning with confidence and without hesitation.

Kim and David Izzy
Hope Valley, RI

It feels like yesterday that we handed off our second child Luca, to Miss Pat. Having been through this before, we thought it would be easier; it was not. However, we had the comfort of knowing he was with people who would love and care for him. Today we face another difficult day, saying our final goodbye to our Progressive family. Over the past 6 years, we have encountered so many amazing teachers at Progressive. Each of you has interacted with our children in so many ways and has given them so many wonderful gifts. They have learned from your kindness, generosity, patience, humor, and countless other remarkable traits.

Last year it was Ella who had to say goodbye and today it is Luca. Luca is a marvelous little boy who has grown so much during his time at Progressive. We feel extremely lucky that he has been surrounded by people who have embraced his jubilant personality. Today, as Luca leaves for the final time, we know that he will take with him the many happy memories he has had here. We are extremely sad to say goodbye to Progressive but we are happy knowing that Luca has flourished here and will take with him the confidence he has gained as a result of spending time with all of you. We are genuinely thankful for everything you have done for Luca over the past four years. All of us will miss you tremendously. Thank you for making the past six years and incredible experienced for our family.

Danielle & Tom DiTraglia

During our nearly 8 years at Progressive Learning, the teachers became an important part of our lives as they cared for my daughters, Riley and Jillian, each day. The teachers gave band aids when there were falls, hugs when there were tears and snacks when they were hungry. But more importantly, the teachers taught our girls to share and always use "gentle hands," that it is important for all children to be heard at "morning meetings," and that there is a time to work and a time to play. They may seem to be simple lessons, but these are just a few of the important ones my girls took away from Progressive Learning.

Riley and Jillian both started at Progressive Learning for Children as infants and left the Kindergarten Program as confident, smart, and well adjusted girls that headed to first grade where they each met with success. Riley and Jillian came away from Progressive Learning with an understanding of both math and reading skills as well as problem solving strategies. They learned about other cultures including holidays people around the world celebrate. Also, the girls were able to pick from a library of books that were relevant and entertaining as well as use the technology center which provided necessary technological skills. My husband, Mike and I give credit to the exceptional and long-tenured teaching staff for having given our girls the foundation necessary to venture into elementary school with the necessary tools to succeed.

I cried the day I dropped my babies at school (our family only referred to Progressive as school since school is an extension of home), but cried harder the day we left Progressive Learning for Children. I have pictures of the girls on their first day of school for each year, their progress reports, yearbooks, art projects, and more. I also have wonderful memories of our time at Progressive Learning for Children and would be happy to share them with you! Enjoy your time at Progressive Learning.

Julie Connors-Costello
Parent from 2003-2010

Progressive Daycare is by far the best daycare in RI. My wife and I interviewed many daycares and we felt most comfortable talking with Ms Annemarie. Boy were we right. We have sent two kids there and this daycare has a family atmosphere and my children have developed great relationships there. It is clean, well maintained and most of all the employees truly care about the children and it shows. I reccommend Progressive to all parents who want the best daycare for their children! Ms Annemarie and the staff ROCK!!

This is the "Lexus" of all daycares. I am the mom of three and Progressive Learning has been a truly great partner in helping to raise my children. Currently my 4 month old and three year old attend and I leave everyday without worry or fear knowing they are in the best of hands. There is little turnover with staff which some of them have been with Ms. Annemarie for almost 20 years and the children love every single one of them as if they were family. When I started looking at daycares six years ago, Progressive Learning was the first place which ruined it for all other daycares because they weren't even close to comparing. Ms. Annemarie and her staff run a top notch business. I am grateful that my six year old was well prepared to enter elementry school this year but I'm also grateful that I have two more children at Progressive because I'm not ready to say goodbye just yet. Good thing I have 4 more years to go! If you have children or going to have a child you must see the facilities... and you will be impressed... you'll know exactly what I'm saying!

Great Place for Children: Progressive Learning is by far one of the best daycare preschools centers in operation. The staff is mature and consistent. The building is clean and has security. My children loved going to this center every day. I am going to miss AnnMarie and her staff. AnnMarie is a hands on owner who thinks of kids first. Her equipment is state of the art, her materials are age appropriate at all levels. I would highly recommend this center to anyone who is looking for daycare or preschool for any child from infant to kindergarten. You won't find a better place and your child will be SAFE and HAPPY!!!!!!!

Progressive Learning Center has exceeded my child care expectations on so many levels. My children began in the infant room and we have experienced almost every classroom over the last five years. The teachers are welcoming, friendly, caring and are truly invested in the center. They are responsive to the needs of the students and create child friendly learning environments and activities that are developmentally appropriate. The preschool classrooms (3's and 4's) have challenged my daughter and I know she will be well prepared for kindergarten. As a preschool teacher myself, I can honestly say that Progressive is a high quality childcare center/school and I would recommend it to anyone.

Jacquelyn Ingham

I can’t begin to put in words the sense of security and overall wonderful care these ladies have given my children. I had the pleasure of sending all 3 of my precious boys to Progressive Learning. Every single classroom has wonderful caring teachers that love your children.

The infant room has wonderful women full of experience some have been with the center since it opened. The mobile 1’s has a fun atmosphere and patient teachers that help your little ones come into their own. The two’s room – oh the two’s room – the age known for being “terrible” – these teachers are also patient and kind and are just amazing at their jobs. The 3’s room where kids start to really take on a classroom type environment has an amazing teacher who is educated and fun as well as understanding and kind. The 4’s room is full of fun projects and really prepares your child for kindergarten and the teacher in the 4’s is just the sweetest person you will meet. The kindergarten is an intimate setting where there is time for one on one with the children and the teacher is creative and fun. There are several teachers’ aids that I cannot forget to mention, as they are also just the kindest women I have ever met!

Anne Marie the director runs a tight ship. You can be sure that the building is secure clean and under control. I have yet to find another like it!

While we were there these teachers were our FAMILY. I loved every single one of them and the day we left was one of the saddest days by far. We have relocated to NY and have had to move on to another school but they will never replace the care we had at Progressive. If you are considering Progressive for your child I applaud your choice. It is a great place and I am grateful that I had them to help me raise my boys!

Melissa Bradshaw

People ask me all the time where I send my boys for daycare. I tell them that finding the right daycare is truly a personal choice but suggest they check out Progressive Learning for Children. After one visit with Anne Marie and her staff, you will feel confident that your child is in the best hands. My boys have been attending Progressive Learning since 2010 and my youngest will be there until 2020. Over the years, I have had a child make their way through every classroom (including kindergarten) at the center. Each classroom is filled with loving teachers who develop age appropriate curriculum. The teachers have helped to support the expectations of our household, as well as guide them to become independent thinkers. My kids would not be the wonderful young adults they are today if it was not for their time spend at Progressive Learning.

Molly (mom of 3)

My daughter started at Progressive around 3 months old and has moved up 2 classrooms since. I have nothing but positives experiences to share. As a first time mother of a premature infant, I was concerned about leaving my daughter while returning to work. The ladies at Progressive were phenomenal with working me and my daughter to help make my husband and I feel comfortable and to ensure that her needs were met. From not taking a bottle, to help easing into crib naps, trying first time foods, the staff was patient, helpful and so respectful with all of our wishes and taking into consideration all the individual needs of each infant and family. As my daughter has moved up into the toddler rooms, she has gained confidence and learned so much from the curriculum at Progressive. The staff has also helped me along the way with pacifier weening, nap transitions, separation anxiety, etc., and I always feel good knowing that my daughter is happy and enjoys being there. My 4 month old son will begin there soon and although it will be difficult to leave him again, I know that he will be in the best care with the nurturing staff. The director is always available with an open door as well and it is a very comfortable and friendly environment for our family to be a part of.

The O’Neills