Progressive Learning For Children
189 Tollgate Road, Warwick, RI 02886

Now Enrolling 2019 - 2020!

  • Full-day Kindergarten with before/after care options
  • Our Kindergarten program accepts students with birthdays after September 1st for Kindergarten readiness.
  • The Kindergarten curriculum is individualized with a small group setting of 12 students with the understanding that children differ with their abilities and develop at different rates.
  • Progressive's curriculum provides students with individualized instruction to meet both social and academic needs incorporating play as the vehicle for learning.
  • Please feel free to contact our Kindergarten teacher of 20 years at Progressive to schedule a tour/observation of our current program.

Our Philosophy

Infant to Kindergarten Daycare

Progressive Learning for Children was established to provide a comfortable transition between the home and the initial childcare and school experience of children. This is achieved through a creative stimulating program in a relaxed, healthy safe environment.

We recognize that constructive, purposeful, engaging play is an important vehicle for children’s learning and establishes the building blocks for future successful learning. Progressive Learning programs are designed to refine the natural learning abilities and preserve the individuality of each child as they learn about themselves and others!

We believe that children thrive from positive experiences and innately want to succeed. Therefore providing a well-designed environment with appropriate materials toward individual and group success and acquiring a positive self-image is of primary importance. We concentrate on teaching the whole child through the developmental areas of social-emotional, physical, cognitive and language growth.

We recognize that culture and linguistic diversity is fundamental to the development of an individual, and defines who we are and how we view the world. Diversity at Progressive Learning is encouraged and celebrated. Building positive relationships is the foundation for effectively working with our families as partners in the care and education of their children. We offer ongoing opportunities for family involvement and regular communication with families.

Our professional staff is skilled and educated in current early childhood practices. Patience, responsive care and the joy of working with children makes our center a success.