Progressive Learning For Children
189 Tollgate Road, Warwick, RI 02886

Now Enrolling 2022-2023!

  • Full-day Kindergarten with before/after care options
  • Our program is a small classroom setting allowing for dedicated, individualized attention from our state certified teacher who has been with us 22 years.
  • Play-based learning to complement our structured academic activities.
  • Full day Kindergarten with before/after care options (PLC accepts children who do not meet the September 1st public school age requirement.)
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4 to 5 Years Old

Pre-kindergarten Daycare

Our pre-kindergarten program provides learning experiences that introduce the children to a fascinating world filled with questions, ideas and an array of creative outcomes. The classroom functions as a community where the children learn to cooperate, collaborate, begin to build friendships and resolve conflicts.

Through play-based curriculum and independent exploration, the children will further develop positive self-esteem. Using individual and small/large group settings, the teachers support the child's individual academic needs and challenges. The children utilize the classroom's eight interest centers that revolve around a monthly topic of study to develop their social-emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

An emphasis is placed on creating a learning environment where words and print are valued. The classroom is designed to strengthen language and literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading readiness and writing through a variety of genres and our “Get Set for School” handwriting program.

Development in math and science occurs with hands-on experiences. Math involves activities in number sense, geometry and problem solving. Science involves investigating physical properties of the environment and uses observation, experimentation and collection of data to enhance their scientific knowledge.

Our pre-kindergarten children will gain appreciation for the fine arts and music through the use of various art materials and media. Physical health and motor development will be strengthened through outdoor play, and music and movement participation in the classroom.

Our degreed early childhood educators, by using a robust, comprehensive curriculum will provide our pre-kindergarteners with the necessary skills to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.