Progressive Learning For Children
189 Tollgate Road, Warwick, RI 02886

  • Full-day Kindergarten with before/after care options
  • Our program is a small classroom setting allowing for dedicated, individualized attention from our state certified teacher who has been with us 22 years.
  • Play-based learning to complement our structured academic activities.
  • Full day Kindergarten with before/after care options (PLC accepts children who do not meet the September 1st public school age requirement.)
  • Contact us to schedule a tour of our current program.

Mobile Infants

Beginning at 12 Months

Infant Daycare

Mobile infants are active, enthusiastic explorers who are fascinated by everything they encounter in their environment. They enjoy watching and imitating each other as they respond to new situations and people. Our caregivers provide a joyful, comforting, safe environment that promotes an atmosphere of exploration, discovery and challenges. Through daily routines our caregivers use teachable moments to model and praise friendly and appropriate interactions.

Play offers the mobile infants the opportunity to make choices, solve problems and interact with peers and adults. Our mobile infants will develop their language and communication skills through listening to meaningful conversations throughout their day. Using their senses, they become aware that learning can be fun and exciting. Caregivers create a variety of interesting surfaces and activities for the children to strengthen their balance, coordination and motor skills. A lively, merry atmosphere filled with music, dance and art provides our little ones with opportunities to express themselves!